Taking the Show on the Road

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There are good photo opportunities to be found at Oxford Circus at the moment, with the season of free gigs attracting some great bands.
These guys are Undergrooveland.
I only know that, because I tucked one of my cards in amongst their guitar cases & they emailed me to say they thought the pic was cool….
Another satisfying photo- connection!




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A recent Goldfrapp concert at London’s Albert Hall, presented a cheeky opportunity to get a few shots of  Alison Goldfrapp from a slightly unusual angle. The stage lighting was an added bonus, as obviously I couldn’t have whipped out my Speedlite anyway. The question for me is always what’s the lowest ISO I can use to get a shutter-speed above 1/60th. Using a zoom lens doesn’t help the clarity either, so I was surprised to have got some detail in her face.


Alison Goldfrapp on stage at the Albert Hall

Radio 4 Appeal

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Susan Rae is one of BBC Radio 4’s velvety-voiced newsreaders. Last Sunday Susan was one of the celebrity volunteers answering phones for the R4 Christmas Appeal. What the kind people who called to make donations won’t have known however, is that Susan came straight off a nightshift to do her stint at the call centre. I was there as official celeb photographer and had a ball pretending I was a pap for the day.. Might post some more images if anyone’s interested.




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On Sunday we went to the Olympic Velodrome to watch the World Track Cycling Championships.
Wat an amazing place. Not only did we witness Laura Trott winning yet another gold medal, which was awesome (such a great word)
but we were sitting directly opposite the team coaches. This guy was with the Brazilian team and he made an interesting study  himself.
I might try and find out who he is and send him some pictures he probably won’t be expecting.

There’s a much larger version of this picture on my Home Page.



Tour de Woodford

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As part of my ‘Tour de France – via Woodford’ project, in which I took some photographs of fellow spectators who watched the Pelaton speed by on 7th July and put them into a small book, which I hoped might become a best-seller…
Actually, what I really hoped to do was trace the people in the pictures and that connection would, for me, complete the cycle, no pun intended.
The Woodford Recorder ran a story about me looking to trace the faces in my book and I did indeed hear from a lovely lady called Gwyneth and she even came for tea.
However, in an effort to make a few more connections, I made a collage of the book pictures and asked the lovely people at Woodford Green library if they’d be willing to display it for me, in the hope some of the subjects may pay a visit, see themselves in print and contact  me.
I was delighted and very grateful to Alice and her team, when they said they’d give it prime position on their reception desk.
Roz (left) and Patricia (right) even agreed to pose with the collage – (all in the name of community relations you understand) , so bravo! and a big thank you to them.



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Just getting up to speed with blogging at last. Much more to follow very soon …

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